Seafarer is an experimental narrative film. It combines an essayist style with field recordings, fragments of visual studies, experiments with actors, and fictionalized reflection on artistic production rooted in personal experience.

It presents a single monologue over mostly long-take shots depicting quotidian moments shot across New York City: a sunset over the Hudson River; people at the beach; a film projected in a movie theater; golfers at a course in Chelsea Piers, and so on. The visual montage is linked by a ruminative, first-person voiceover by Miami-based singer, Little Annie, who performs the character of an anonymous film director. Her haunting words, spoken with humor and earnestness, offer a meditation on the cracks in her life as an artist. They touch on a variety of topics, including our ambiguous relation with capital, the complex relationship between actors and directors, the experience of being in a cinema, and the periods when new ideas are scarce.

Seafarer keenly elicits tensions between observer and creator, and what is scripted and what is captured by chance.

Technical Information:
25-minutes long
2K, digital video
Stereo sound