Everything Near Becomes Far

10 minutes; HD video. 2012

Discussing a Goethe’s text -as quoted in the poem The Young Night, Borgues said:

“Alles Nähe werde fern, everything near becomes far. Goethe was referring to the evening twilight. Everything near becomes far. It is true.

At nightfall, the closest to us seems to move away from our eyes. So the visible world has moved away from my eye, perhaps forever. Goethe could be referring not only to twilight but to life. All things go off, leaving us. Old age is probably the supreme solitude -except that the supreme solitude is death….”

Quote taken from Poems of the Night, Penguin Books, New York, 2010


Everything Near Becomes Far follows a day in the life of a couple living in a cabin nestled deep within the Andes mountain range in Colombia. They begin their day as usual, but something seems strange to the woman.

A fearsome group of men awaits them. An atmosphere of dread develops gradually through the sounds and silences, a looming landscape and the threatening visions of wild animals observing the main characters from the distance.